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August 19, 2015

Happy World Photography Day! | (Just for the love of photography)

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Cover Photo: Happy World Photography Day! | (Just for the love of photography) - Ronak Sawant

I don't celebrate any day in particular, to celebrate something specific in life. Be it my birthday or any other day of my life. For me, every day of my life is a holiday! A holiday where I can do anything I want and celebrate this priceless gift called life.

Honestly talking, I did not even remember its 'World Photography Day' today. You know, I am here walking the streets all alone. No! Right now, I don't have a camera in my hand or along with me. Nor do I have earphones plugged in my ear with my favourite music playing. But it's just me, busy looking at the world in my way.

My head filled with thoughts,
My face filled with a lovely smile,
My heart full of happiness and peace inside my soul,
And, my eyes filled with an inspiration having a look around myself and the time passing by.
Well, this is how I feel when I am into my crazy world, my zone and in a trance!

But, being a Photographer for more than ten months now and the love & passion I have for this beautiful art form called photography; this is the day we the 'Photographers' should celebrate wholeheartedly. Not just being in behind the camera and capturing the beauty around us, but also living the moment being in the frame too.

I celebrate photography with every photograph, moment and breath I take.
I am photography, and I am the living photograph!
Happy World Photography Day!

P.S. I exhibit my photography online at 500px. Follow me on 500px and see more of my photography art at

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