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December 10, 2015

What a beautiful morning!

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Cover Photo: What a beautiful morning! - Ronak Sawant

As usual, started my day thanking God for this beautiful life! Got ready, took my bag and stepped out of my home for a college lecture. This 15 minutes journey to college started with a positive thought, “Today is going to be a good day”. Enjoying the early morning walk with a packet of Marie Gold biscuit in my hand, loving the morning refreshing air with every step I take, and biscuit I chew. Watching the sun shining bright, listening to the birds singing in their rhythm, looking at traffic signal lights and looking at people's eyes who were passing by from my side, trying to find what they are up to and trying to read their mind. Yes, I was in a trance.

With every step I take and the biscuit I eat, there was something beautiful happening and passing. I realised that this day is not as usual. I saw three strangers enjoying the early morning newspaper at a Chai Tapri (a tea-stall) and having fun. The city cleaners were doing their job right by cleaning the city and making it beautiful. The two young boys may be more than 20 years of age holding their fingers and walking by the road! Some people were already at the start of their day job while some were on their way.

My 15 minutes journey to college was about to end. I kept the remaining biscuits in my bag, took out an ID card, and kept it in my pocket. Then from a distance, I saw two homeless kids, a boy and a girl holding each other’s hand running by the footpath and enjoying the beautiful morning. Just when I reached the college lane, I saw a friend from a distance coming through me being busy on a cell phone. He was walking back home. He also saw me and just when I reached him, he started saying, “I was trying to call you to inform you that the lecture is cancelled and there will be no lecture today”. Listening to this, I slowly whispered, Oh Fu*k! But at the same time, I was happy about it. But, my friend wasn’t happy. He was like, “the teacher should inform us a day before about this”. I responded, “Hey chill, it is okay! Bas samajle ke early morning walk ho gayi,” (Think that you did the early morning walk, that’s all!).

Another friend came. Standing on a roadside, we spoke for almost an hour. We chatted about life, the final semester B.Sc. IT project and much such stuff! I was happy that the lecture got cancelled. Because of it, we were talking like aliens on a roadside. While chatting, I witnessed a beautiful moment happening on my right side. The man was giving bread to the stray dog as if the dog is his son. I smiled looking at this moment. I felt the love around me.

After standing and talking for almost 1 hour, we left doing the handshake and saying bye to each other; taking three different directions as 3 of us had a different road to take. I started my journey again but this time back home. The streets started filling up with vehicles and people. Then after walking some steps, I see a woman on a bus stop waiting for a bus, and there was a stray dog right beside her. When I reached closer to her, I observed she was moving her right hand with care on a dog’s back, like as if the dog is her baby. The love was all around me this morning. Next, I see a crow drinking the water from a bowl filled with water placed outside the window on the first floor of a building. It was kept especially for all these beautiful birds. My heart filled with love watching this! Mix emotions started running inside me.

The last thing which I viewed is another extraordinary moment. I had tears in my eyes this time. I see my dad walking on his way to the office. The fact that my eyes got filled with beautiful water because it is his hard work that inspires me every day! Sometimes I wish I could be as hard-working as him. I said to myself, “this is the kind of father I hope to be someday”. The hard work dad does for the entire family is more than just an inspiration. I reached him, had a small chat, and then left saying bye. I somehow managed my best to control my eyes filled with water. But I think dad read my eyes.

Today, for the first time in life I realised this seriously that time once gone can never come back. I wish I had carried a camera along with me so that I could have captured all these beautiful morning moments and shared with you all. But never mind, I have shared this all writing a complete blog on it. I believe that the best photographs/moments you carry are in your eyes. This all just made my day and filled my morning with full of love.

Life is all about the priceless moments and little things. That's what makes me happy. We become so busy in life sometimes that we forget to see all these small little beautiful things happening around. So, I request you to stop for a while and have a look around yourself, see what beautiful is passing by and grab hold of all the things that you are losing by running this never-ending rat race; for once gone it shall never come back. You may earn a million someday and live in a fancy house, ride in a posh car, but how about a walk with that special someone holding an ice-cream in hand and all the crazy-silly talks. If this isn't the life, I don't know what is then!

Truly! What a beautiful morning! What a journey it was and what a day!

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