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February 14, 2016

What is Love?

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Cover Photo: What is Love? - Ronak Sawant

Love is a beautiful place to imagine,
Love is the safest place to stay in,
Love is the perfect place to be in,
Love is the best place to live in!

Love is the four letter word that sounds more beautiful than the word beautiful, safer than the word safest, perfect than the word perfect and better than the word best. If there’s any word I would like to tag for being beautiful, safe, ideal and best at the same time, it would be this four letter word... love!

Love is a universal language that can be express with or without words. Acceptance is the first step towards love. Understanding is the final step of the art of loving. Love is not something that we find; love is something that we do. Love is an extension and orgasm of the heart. The heart that is not seen, but felt! Every time I feel love, I feel alive. Love is where I like to lose myself so much that in return I ended up finding myself. Love is that place for me where I would love to live forever. Love is where I want to live the last breath of my living, for nothing could seem more satisfying than living the last moment of life in the arms of love. Love is what people call endless, faith, heaven, unconditional, etc. Love is what I call magic.

Love is a medicine that has the power to make everything right and to cure anything.

Love is like a plant.
You have to provide good soil to make the roots stronger,
You have to water it every day to clear all the dust,
You have to place it under the sunlight for lovely fruits and flowers,
You have to take good care of it to grow stronger and longer.

Love is like a river. The river where water is clear and safe, the surrounding is beautiful and peaceful, the temperature is calm and perfect, and the atmosphere is the best. You only need to learn how to swim (love), that’s all!

But why is it happening these days that we are hardly using this medicine of love, breaking down this love plant day-by-day and making this love river dry? Also nowadays, some other four-letter word called hate is replacing this four letter word love. What is happening? Where is the love vanishing? This world, life and our existence is nothing without love. The day the love end, the world will end.

Love as long as you live,
Love as long as you breathe,
Love when you talk,
Love when you walk,
Love when you smile,
Love when you cry,
Love when you think,z
Love when you blink.

The love you give will come back to you. You never know in what form or way. But, it does! Love never ends, fails or stops. So love yourself, your life, family, friends, and people around you, God and this beautiful universe.

And, love is not blind; in fact, people are. It seems blind because when in love, the need to open the eyes is just never felt!

Happy Valentine’s Day to all! Celebrate love today and every day. ❤️

Spread love, not hate!

Ronak Sawant

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