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August 15, 2016

How I Discovered The Writer In Me

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Life is indeed a magnificent discovery and learning in itself. Every day it keeps revealing myself to me with something or the other. As I firmly believe that there’s a lot more into me than I can imagine, I never actually thought that there’s this profound writer inside me that exists who loves to play with words. So this is a blog, a real story of how I discovered the writer in me!

I was not a kid who was born with amazing writing talent and also I never made or maintained any diary/journal in my life that most of the writing lovers do keep before publishing their writing work professionally. But yes, I was good at writing skills during my school days. Writing skills such as essay writing, story writing, letter writing, etc. I used to do very well in these.

I still remember a day from my school when in my 9th grade a teacher after reading my essay congratulated me in front of the whole class and decided to make me the monitor right away. The piece of writing that she gave in homework a previous day I don’t know what she found in it. But that was the time when someone recognised my writing skills for the first time. Luckily in my case, it happened to be our English Teacher “Mrs Menon”, who was our class teacher.

At that time, I was not matured and focused on life. I was a kid who used to love dancing, playing with my friends and having fun. All in, I was just a carefree child. So the kind words of a teacher I took them, as a compliment and I didn’t think more about it whether to start writing more such essays and develop/improve my writing skills. Then somewhere between preparing for my 10th-grade board exams, the writing skills in me slowly started vanishing away as I had to focus on other subjects too.

The life went by and kept playing its part. I passed my 10th grade with flying marks. I entered college and got the admission in the college which I dreamed, Nationals College, Bandra. I took Commerce in junior college years and passed my 12th grade with decent marks. Those two years spent studying Commerce were nothing but a big struggle. Accounts and Maths didn’t interest me at all and also the other subjects too. The only branch I found interesting in a syllabus was English, and there was this Poem called “Don’t Quit” in 12th English textbook which had some impact on me at that time. Soon I realised that Commerce is just not me. I found myself focused on life this time. At the same time, the love of dancing started turning into a passion, and later it became a part-time profession. I started performing here and there. I began doing Choreographies. I used to be more in Rehearsal halls and Auditorium stage than attending a daily class lecture.

Being a self-taught, self-made dancer, I never had any formal training in dancing. I used to research online on the Internet about Dance, read articles, learn by watching YouTube videos and then do it in my way. Then one day when I was researching late online, I got introduced to the word ‘blog’. So it’s my dancing love that introduced me to this beautiful word called ‘blog’. Simultaneously I was fascinated with another art called photography, all because of dance. So I wanted to start photography also. It was another dream apart from the blog. A couple of years went by, living life, finding myself and of course dancing.

I decided to study B.Sc. IT as a graduate degree. When I entered the second year of IT studies, I thought to give blogging and photography dream a shot. Honestly, I was bored with the IT studies load and pressure. And for this, I needed an escape plan. Dancing has always been there for me every time. So, somewhere during dancing, I decided to start blogging and photography. I decided to take that one step and ever since there’s no turning back.

I started this blog (Ronak Sawant's Blog) a month before entering the 20th year of my life on August 15, 2014 (an Indian Independence Day, that day I decided to be free). Yes, I started writing when I was almost 20 years; pretty late though, I know! But that was the right time for me I feel so. I published my first ever writing titled “Who Am I?” on August 20, 2014. It took me almost two weeks to write before sharing my first blog post (article).

The blog post “Who Am I?” is an introductory blog and hence the title, Who Am I.  But, it is more than just an introduction. It consists of two parts, but while reading these two halves are perceived as one. That's the beauty of the blog post. The first half is about finding your true self and following your heart. And the second half is a small introduction about me (the writer behind the blog). The best part about this first blog is that after publishing it online here on blogger, I got more than 100 views just in a day.  Honestly, I didn’t think that I will be getting over 100 views for my first blog post on the first day. That is crazy, and so is my blog and so is me.

That is how my writing adventures, i.e. the journey of my writing started with a mission to inspire people, to make them smile/happy, to touch their heart, to bring some change in this world, voicing people to follow their dreams and find the inner voice, etc. So, this is how I discovered the Writer in me!

The one step that turned into a dream come true,
An escape plan that turned into a big fantasy,
That is how I discovered the Writer in me,
And yes, it wasn’t that easy!

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