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December 25, 2016

"In A Dream I Meet Santa" - A Poem by Ronak Sawant

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Cover Photo: In A Dream I Meet Santa - A Poem by Ronak Sawant

On a bed, I was sleeping.
Singing jingle-bell, jingle-bell in my mind,
For a Santa Claus to come and for my gift remind!
I didn’t know, but I was dreaming.

The inner child in me wanted the Christmas present,
And wanted to meet the lovely Santa along with his vehicle sledge!
So I kept singing the song continuously,
In my dream, I never thought I would be such silly.

With keeping eyes closed, but mind being wandering somewhere,
I was waiting for the Santa to arrive early from the window here.
Along with a gift, to hear that Santa’s big laugh,
Oh, I thought it could be more than enough!

I was singing on and on, but this time with a clap,
I am glad no one at home noticed this and presented me a slap.
I see the Santa giving gifts one-by-one and coming to my house,
In this beautiful dream, I was so much engrossed!

Then suddenly I heard the heavy sound of something,
I thought Santa has come in our wing.
My eyes got open, and I started looking out the window,
I realise very soon that I was dreaming and there’s no Santa from the snow.

Under the pillow, there was no gift.
The Santa’s laugh "HO, HO, HO",
I started to believe its "NO, NO, NO"!
I then said Merry Christmas to the world, myself & the dreamy Santa and went back to sleep feeling my life a gift.

Poet - Ronak Sawant

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