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April 12, 2017


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Whether you are an Artist, Doctor, Engineer, Lawyer or a Human in general, the thing called struggle is always there in everyone’s life. Sometimes we struggle with the food that we eat two times a day where we end up doing a few adjustments or passing day eating nothing at all thus keeping the stomach empty. While sometimes we struggle with not having a home to live, a bed to have that peaceful sleep, proper clothes to wear or even footwear’s to cover the foot. While sometimes we struggle in a relationship, for a job, for not having enough time to spend with family, friends and the one whom we love from the bottom of our heart. While sometimes we struggle for happiness, love, and peace in life. And above all, one of the biggest struggles in life is for money; where some people end up doing something wrong to get this.

Whatever the struggle you are going through in life right now will help you develop the strength that you will need for tomorrow. The struggle comes in everyone’s life, but it doesn’t stay forever. A struggle is a time that comes in our life to surprise us, to make us feel weak and to test us inside and out.

You need to accept the struggles occurring in your life. You need to embrace them, understand and fight them. Don’t quit! Each one of you who is reading this must know that your journey, dreams, purpose, and life are beautiful and they are way too big to give up on these struggles. So, if nothing is going good in your life, take a break or even cry during these struggles. But, don’t give up! Please don’t!

Close your eyes and see your dreams. Open your heart and believe in yourself. Regardless of whether you are feeling weak, smile and make yourself stronger each day with your love, passion, belief, and will. Struggle in life is temporary. Your day will come! Struggles are hard to face and very difficult to conquer, but during this time we have to be stronger than ever to battle it out. Also, we should never lose our hope, have patience, trust in ourselves and god and keep working hard.

You know, I have had some of my dreams come true fighting my struggles, and it feels just amazing. You can never find this feeling in anything else. I believe in your aspirations and you. So let me know when you conquered your struggles and made your dream come true. It will motivate and inspire me more to keep dreaming.

Struggles in life - Ronak Sawant

Struggle in life is to make our life's journey, adventurous. So believe in yourself and conquer the struggles in life.

Always remember that,
You are more beautiful than you can imagine,
You are more powerful than you think you are,
You are more special than you will ever know,
You are so much more than you will ever realise.

"Live your struggles, Live your life."
 Ronak Sawant


  1. Nice post. Yes struggles test one's patience to the limits. In life nothing comes free. Everyone has to go through some meaningful sacrifices and struggle to get to the goal they want to reach.

  2. This was truly a sign for me. I was about to give up everything and I see this. This was powerful and amazing. I thank you for this a million times over.

    1. Hello Ms. Gerece, by reading your comment the writer in me is so happy. Inspiration is all around us. I am glad that the blog made you feel something. Pleasure!

  3. How True!I am almost finished drafting my approx.250 true life story.WWWallys World I Had a severe stutter,which i overcame through a stroke of serendipty,I Was bullied,got thrown out of school at tenth grade with a 29% average worked for four years as an office boy,ending up through hard work as an endetured refrigeration tech allowing me to work around the world.My mane premise is to help other stutterers,also i have a great idea how to curtail bullying.Wwwally Campbell River BC.Canada.

    1. Good to know your life's story through a comment and how you overcame through it all is an inspiration in itself.

  4. So much to say ....But can't describe ...

    1. Sometimes silence speaks everything what words can't. I feel you!


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