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September 07, 2017


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Cover Photo: THE FIGHT WITHIN - Ronak Sawant

We all are fighting in life with situations, people and everything that life throws at us. But, we all forget at times that the important fight we have to face in life is the fight within. The fight within is the fiercest battle that we will ever encounter, and it is the war that we have to fight in our lives with oneself. This fight is considered to be the toughest fight of all. Because it is easy to fight with someone else, but to fight with oneself is something else. It's a difficult one.

We are either created or destroyed from within. The biggest and the endless fights are the ones happening inside us, and usually the toughest ones to conquer. Some people are fighting battles of depression, some are fighting an uphill battle with a disease that can take a life, some are fighting battles with their insecurities, some are still fighting for survival, some are fighting for a good life, and some are fighting a battle that we may not even know.

I was fighting my own battle with depression a few months back. Every passing day from depression was such a battle. It was a silent battle going on and on for weeks. I was slowly losing interest in things that I loved doing, and I was wasting my time doing nothing at all. It took me a while to realise that this thing called depression was controlling my life. I started asking questions to myself; I knew that all the answers I want are deep within me. I decided to fight back against this depression. And the very next moment, I noticed the depression was feeling the fear of being apart seeing the strength inside myself. Yes, I won the battle with depression by fighting against it. That's how I controlled my life, the life I love! I am thankful as well as grateful for this life.

Whatever the fight you are going through in life right now, always remember,
You are stronger than your fears,
You are stronger than your flaws,
You are stronger than your problems,
You are stronger than your worries,
You are stronger than the hard times you are going through,
You are stronger than all the wars and bad voices going on in your head.

Be strong my friend and take that one step to face your battles in life. I believe in you and your strength. I know you can fight this fight. You can win this fight.

Keep fighting the fight within. And if you win, then please feel free to share it with me and world, just as I shared mine.

"Never quit in this game called life. Always fight."
 Ronak Sawant


  1. Great article. Your "you are stronger than your fears and You are stronger than your flaws" lines are very inspiring. We all go through ups and downs in life. If we are persistent and determined enough, then there is no way we can't overcome our failures. Thanks for sharing :)

    1. Yes indeed! Thank you so much for reading and all your kind words. I am glad that you find it inspiring. Thanks again Renu! :)

  2. Oh wow....very beautiful entry. So encouraging.

  3. For me Ronak, when I felt my fears, the fight dissolved. When the inner fighting dissolved, so did my problems. I became predominantly happy, had fun and prospered too all because I felt the fear and pain goading me to fight whatever I chose to fight. That's just me though. I am weird LOL.

    Sending love and hugs dude. Thanks for sharing with us.


    1. Good to know your story, Ryan! I am so happy for you. By the way, it's good to be weird in life! Happy Living!



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