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(Things to do before I die...)

Cover Photo: My Bucket List - Ronak Sawant

This is my bucket list of all the goals that I want to accomplish, dreams I want to fulfil, life experiences and moments I desire to experience, things I want to do, feel, see, explore and live the life I want to live before I kick the bucket (die).

1. Set foot on the majestic - Mt. Everest
2. Go on a Solo Trip
3. Trek in the Himalayas
4. Go Skydiving & Fly in the air
5. Go Paragliding & Fly like a bird
6. Road trip with Friends  ✔

Bucket List - #6 Road trip with Friends - Ronak Sawant

7. Road trip with the Family
8. Do Hitch-hike
9. Climb a Mountain & Scream “I Love You, Life” on the top of it
10. Travel around the World (minimum 10 Countries)
11. Visit all 29 States of India     << 7 done, 22 to go >>
12. Ride a motorcycle in Ladakh
13. See the Beauty - Taj Mahal
14. Run a Marathon
15. See The Great Pyramids of Giza
16. Watch the Sunrise & Sunset in one Day
17. Stargazing
18. Sleep in a Tent
19. Bungee Jump
20. Travel in an Aeroplane with family
21. Hike the Great Wall of China
22. River Rafting
23. Shower under a Waterfall
24. Explore a Cave
25. Go backpacking across Europe

26. Write a thank you letter to Mom & Dad  ✔
27. Fall in Love
28. Propose the Girl I Love
29. Kiss in the Rain
30. Get Married
31. Write a Love Letter
32. Cook with my Partner
33. Let someone know how much they mean to me
34. Date Night with my Girl
35. Give a heartfelt surprise to loved ones (especially Mom)
36. Cook a delicious, homemade meal for loved ones (especially Mom)

37. Be an Artist  ✔

Bucket List - #37 Be an Artist - Ronak Sawant

38. Become a Dancer  ✔

Bucket List - #38 Become a Dancer - Ronak Sawant

39. Act in a Play (or Do Theatre Arts)  ✔

Bucket List - #39 Act in a Play (or Do Theatre Arts) - Ronak Sawant

40. Do a Flash Mob  ✔

Bucket List - #40 Do a Flash Mob - Ronak Sawant

41. Start a Blog  ✔

Bucket List - #41 Start a Blog - Ronak Sawant

42. Start Photography and become a Photographer  ✔

Bucket List - #42 Start Photography and become a Photographer - Ronak Sawant

43. Do a dance choreography  ✔

Bucket List - #43 Do a dance choreography - Ronak Sawant

44. Gift myself a Ukulele (my favourite musical instrument) & Play it like a Pro
45. Self-learn Music and Start Singing
46. Write a Song  ✔

Bucket List - #47 Write a Song - Ronak Sawant

47. Write a Poem  ✔

Bucket List - #48 Write a Poem - Ronak Sawant

48. Write a Book  ✔

Ronak Sawant Anmol Zindagi Book
My debut book Anmol Zindagi released on 15 August 2021.

49. Learn Organic Farming
50. Do Gardening
51. Teach Dancing  ✔

Bucket List - #51 Teach dancing - Ronak Sawant

52. Learn to Code and Design a Website  ✔
53. Have a meaningful & deep conversation with a stranger

54. Solve Rubik’s Cube in 2 minutes
55. Meet a person with the same name as me ‘Ronak Sawant’
56. Fly a Kite  ✔
57. Do a Somersault
58. Laugh till I cry
59. Dance barefoot in the rain
60. Play in the Snow
61. Befriend a Stranger  ✔
62. Keep my inner child alive     << ongoing >>
63. Visit School and recollect those memories
64. Attend an unknown wedding, eat food and take a picture with the bride & groom

65. Donate Blood
66. Feed a Homeless Person
67. Contribute to the Country/World (Give-Back)     << ongoing >>
68. Plant Trees
69. Make the world a better place
70. Help someone in need
71. Help a complete stranger for the good
72. Perform a kind deed without expecting anything in return  ✔
73. Save someone’s life (or Make a difference in someone’s life)
74. Adopt a Pet
75. Spend time with the Kids at Orphanage
76. Inspire people     << ongoing >>
77. Share my knowledge, experience & perspective     << ongoing >>
78. Stop someone from doing something wrong
79. Bring joy in the lives of others     << ongoing >>

80. Be a good human being     << ongoing >>
81. Be grateful to life  ✔
82. Get a College Degree (or Become a Graduate)  ✔

Bucket List - #83 Get a College Degree (or Become a Graduate) - Ronak Sawant

83. Work as a Professional Dancer/Performer  ✔

Bucket List - #91 Work as a Professional Dancer, Performer - Ronak Sawant

84. Get a Job  ✔
85. Achieve Financial Freedom     << ongoing >>
86. Learn to Swim
87. Learn to Drive
88. Find the meaning of my Name & Life  ✔
89. Give a TED Talk
90. Learn an Indian language (Sanskrit) & a Foreign language (especialmente 'Spanish')
91. Read at least 50 books before I die     << 2 done, 48 to go >>
92. Have my photo published in a Newspaper
93. Be a Morning Person     << ongoing >>
94. Pursue Passion     << ongoing >>
95. Find the Joy in life  ✔
96. Find the Purpose of Life  ✔
97. Go on a Spiritual Journey  ✔
98. Live a Healthy Life     << ongoing >>
99. Live in Peace  ✔
100. Live & Die a Happy Man     << ongoing >>

These are the 100 things I want to do in life before I die. I never thought of sharing my bucket list with anyone, but the dreamer in me wants to share it with the world. I know I can do it. For some items on the list, the photo or video documentation will not do them justice. Only the moment will do justice. I will be crossing and checking off that item on my bucket list as soon as I complete it. Let’s make dreams come true. This is all on my bucket list, what’s on yours?

"Explore life before expire."
- Ronak Sawant

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"Explore life before expire."

– Ronak Sawant