Ronak Sawant is an Indian artist, dancer, poet, writer, street photographer and humanitarian. He is the life explorer, urban monk and a free bird that uses his art, wisdom and life’s journey to inspire people and make a change in the world.

October 20, 2019

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Cover Photo: "Trees, Humans & Life" - Ronak Sawant

रात के अंधेरों में मासूम पेड़ों को मार गिराया,
अरे, आप लोगों ने आरे का क्या यह हाल कर दिया?
जिस भारतीय संस्कृति में हम पेड़ों की पूजा करते हैं,
कुछ लोग इन पेड़ों के हत्यारे बन गए हैं।
यह सब करके कहाँ जाना चाहते हो,
और ऐसा क्या है जो पाना चाहते हो?
सच में, इंसान लालच से भरे हैं।
जबकि, पेड़ अच्छे कर्मों के बीज से भरे हैं।
वक़्त निकल जाने से पहले, जाग जाओ।
पेड़ बचाओ, प्रकृति बचाओ, जीवन बचाओ।
- रोनक सावंत

I have grown up listening to this beautiful story by my grandmother - “Plants go to sleep when it gets dark, and we should not disturb them by cutting its leaves, flowers, fruits, roots or branches.”

I have learned this very same thing from our Indian culture in which we worship trees. So, I firmly believe in this story of my grandma. It’s true because I think Trees and Humans have one huge similarity that we both have been blessed with this amazing gift called life. We both also have the power of saving each other’s life. But it’s the very nature of human that we are filled with greed, while trees are filled with the seeds of good deeds.

In this pursuit of chasing the development, we are failing to realise that we are destroying the environment too. Development is important for growth, but the environment is important for life. I believe Development and Environment Protection both should go hand in hand together. A proper balance between these two is the symbolic representation of the healthy and wealthy place. But instead of making things better, we are making it worse day-by-day. Hence, the reason for the sign of climate change.

We are human beings. Our life is entirely dependent on nature. The more we will destroy nature, the more we will suffer. Destroying the environment is like destroying our own self. I hope everyone understands the importance of the environment before it’s too late.

We must take our environment seriously. We must preserve our nature. We all together can make this world a better and a beautiful place. It’s possible.

Please, save nature, nature will save you.


Aarey Story (for those who don’t know what I’m referring to in this blog post):
On October 04, 2019 at around 9’clock at night, the authorities led by the Government started cutting (slaughtering) Trees for Mumbai Metro Car Shed at Aarey. It’s painful to see over 2000 Trees being cut in Aarey Forest. Heart-breaking to watch trees that stood for a hundred years are no more. Feeling like the part of a human body is cut off. Not only this, the police (based on the order given to them) even arrested the protesters who were protesting for saving the trees. This is probably for the first time someone might have been arrested for saving a tree. What has happened in Aarey in the last couple of days is so inhuman. People are not opposing the Metro and its shed; people are opposing the trees being cut down.

Fingers-cross on the Supreme Court's decision to come tomorrow about the Aarey case. May justice prevails for the ecosystem of Aarey!

February 28, 2019

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Cover Photo: "सफर जारी है।" (Safar Jaari Hai) - A Poem by Ronak Sawant

कैसे रुकूँ, कैसे आराम करूँ मैं!
मंज़िल तक जो पहुँचना है।
बहुत दूर आ गया हूँ, और इससे भी दूर जाना हैं।
बहुत कुछ करना है, बहुत कुछ सीखना है।
बहुत कुछ पाना है, बहुत कुछ देना है।
आज़ाद पंछी की तरह उड़ना है।
सपनों को पूरा करना हैं।
प्यार करते रहना है।
खुशियाँ बाँटते रहना हैं।
ज़िंदगी पूरी तरह से जीना है।

कैसे रुकूँ, कैसे आराम करूँ मैं!
मंज़िल तक जो पहुँचना है।
ज़िंदगी प्यारी है।
सफर जारी है।

कवि - रोनक सावंत


"Safar Jaari Hai"

Kaise rukoon, kaise aaraam karu mai!
Manzil tak jo pahunchna hai.
Bahut dur aaya hoon, aur isse bhi dur jana hai.
Bahut kuch karna hai, bahut kuch seekhna hai.
Bahut kuch pana hai, bahut kuch dena hai.
Aazaad panchi ki tarah udna hai.
Sapnon ko poora karna hai.
Pyaar karte rehna hai.
Khushiyan baantate rehna hai.
Zindagi puri tarah se jeena hai.

Kaise rukoon, kaise aaraam karu mai!
Manzil tak jo pahunchna hai.
Zindagi pyaari hai.
Safar jaari hai.

Poet - Ronak Sawant

January 31, 2019

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Cover Photo: You can restart your life - Ronak Sawant

In life, whatever you have become and wherever you are right now is all because of you and the choices you have made. Sometimes you are at the top of life, while sometimes you go through a downfall. Such downfall is often called the rock bottom of life. The rock bottom is that worst phase in life that makes our life hard to live. It occurs when we least expect and hits so hard that it ends up costing people’s life.

You go through the worst relationship in life. You feel cheated, foolish, helpless, hurt, and above all heartbroken. That one person who meant everything to you and for whom you did so much in life breaks your heart and makes your life miserable for you to live.

You fail in an exam. You think that society will not accept a person like you. You become a failure. You start thinking of yourself as waste and believe that life is over for you now.

You dream to achieve something in life. You plan, work hard for it, and you don’t get it. You try and try. Still, nothing works. You tag yourself as a loser and start thinking that you can’t achieve anything in life. You believe that life is not intended for you.

The obvious thought that runs in mind, in the end, thinking all this is to quit life. Many people have given up their lives because of all this; it’s a fact! My friend, if you’re going through such circumstances in your life, know that ending life is never a solution. Suicide is never a solution. Your life is precious. Your life is gifted to you to live, not to quit.

If you think your life is over, always remember,
You can restart your life.
You can heal your life.
You can fix your life.
You can change your life.

The power is within you. You are a fighter. You can turn negatives into positives. You can get your life back on track. You can make your life better. You can build the life you want to live. We all go through the ups and downs in life. You are not alone. Life is more than a downfall. One or 100 such rock bottoms may shake and break your whole life, but it can’t take life off from you. You are more powerful than the rock bottom that you are going through in life. You can control your life and rise above from it. All you have to do is work very hard to get back to where you once were, but it is possible with hard and smart work. Many people have done this. One such person is the little boy whose blog you are reading, Ronak Sawant.

So forget all the bad things that have happened in life and give your life another chance. You deserve a better life. Don’t give up! It’s easy to quit, but it takes courage to make a decision and change your life. Also, it takes determination to live by that decision.

Remember, there’s no restart button in life. But the beauty you don’t believe is you can restart your life at any moment. All it takes is opening the life’s door for yourself. You can do it. Life is never over; you can always restart your life and make it beautiful. The choice is yours. Always choose to live. Choose life, not death. Period.

"Never quit. Always fight."
– Ronak Sawant

December 20, 2018

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Cover Photo: Regrets will kill you. Living life will thrill you. - Ronak Sawant

"Regrets will kill you. Living life will thrill you."
 Ronak Sawant

Imagine you are on your deathbed and today is the last day of your life. You are now reflecting on your life by watching your life’s movie with eyes closed. I want to ask you a question, “Are you enjoying watching your life’s movie or are you regretting something in it?” Be honest with yourself. If you understood the question deeply and learned something from the above scenario, then you probably have found your answer. To make it simple - if you are enjoying your life then you should keep living your life at fullest, if you think there will be a regret in life then it’s time to wake up, do things that matter and live your life.

Regret is the greatest pain in life. It is the feeling that hurts so much. It destroys our presence. It kills our life. It kills our soul. Nothing can kill us more than the feeling of regret. We cannot experience true fulfilment if there’s any regret in life.

Do you love any person?
Express your feelings to him/her.
Do you have a dream?
Work hard to make it a reality.
Do you want to start something of your own?
Start from today. It doesn’t matter if you start small. Just start.
Do you want to learn and master a skill?
Practice every day. Practice, practice, practice.
Do you want to travel to your dream destination?
Save money. Research, plan, go on an adventurous journey of your lifetime.
Do you want to live the life of regrets or the life of your dreams?
Of course, the life of your dreams right! So why wait, and then later regret. The time is now. The moment is now. Take a step towards your dream life now. Start now.

"Don’t let the things you want to do, die inside you."
 Ronak Sawant

In life whatever you choose to do, don’t make room for regret, instead build a garden that is full of love, accomplishments, happiness, peace, satisfaction, and most of all, full of life.

Take a deep breath and then ask yourself this question, “Am I living the best life that makes me happy or the life that I am going to regret soon?” When you answer this question to yourself, your journey of life transforms from here. You start living life like never before, and in the process, you discover the true meaning of life, you find your purpose, your talent, your gift and yourself. Thus, leaving no room for regret and building the garden that is full of life.

Regrets will kill you from the inside and make you empty if you will not try to do the things you want to do. It is rightly said that life is too short to live with regrets. So, don’t keep things on hold for future regret. Don’t let this thought arise in the course of time and question you - how something could have been different in life. Do difference now. Do things now so that later will not turn into never. On our deathbed, we regret not the things we have done, but the things we haven’t done in life that we wanted to. So, let’s do what we dream of doing. Let’s become what we dream of becoming. Let’s live our dream life. Let’s live and make the most of our life! Period.

"A life of regret is a life not lived well."
 Ronak Sawant

September 12, 2018

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Cover Photo: My thoughts on homosexuality

Last night I was watching a Bollywood movie named Dear Dad. The film is about a father coming out to his teenage son, that he is gay. It is a beautiful film with a stirring tale about love and acceptance. The story of the movie effectively and intelligently beats the stigma of homosexuality. I know in India, sex and all such related matters are not yet openly discussed. So, I thought why not write a blog on homosexuality and try to open people’s minds. I hope this article will change your perspective on homosexuality, as penning down this has changed mine. Following are my thoughts on homosexuality.

I am a human being, and I respect the sexual orientation of a human. I respect heterosexuals, homosexuals and bisexuals. And, I respect the LGBT community too. I not only respect, but I appreciate the LGBT people. I think they are as ordinary as any human being. I believe homosexuality is not just a form of sex; it’s a form of love and a community of people that are a part of humankind. The only difference is that they are tagged as gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, or queer. You are a man who loves a woman, but he is a man who loves a man. The same thing goes for a woman. It’s not a big deal. It’s just that a person likes own gender and is sexually attracted to people of own sex.

If you don’t know about homosexuality, then please understand that being homosexual is not a choice. It is biological and natural! It’s their birth nature and birthright. They are born with that urge to love the people of the same sex. I think there is nothing wrong with being in a sexual relationship with the same sex. I don’t know why people oppose this and find it wrong. If you can’t accept the people for who they are, then why do you hate, judge or treat them differently? Please don’t do that. They are humans just like us.

Homosexual people are in every religion, caste and community. I feel there are so many homosexual people in this world that might be leading a double and unhappy life. Many are already living in the closet and fear. All they need is acceptance from people like us. They deserve respect and love. They deserve to live and breathe.

Homosexuality is not a crime. Heck, it shouldn’t be! I mean arresting people for being in a same-sex relationship and slapping charges against them. What kind of crime is this? Are people who are sexually attracted to the same gender criminals? Are homosexuals criminals? Seriously! Whether you love a man, woman, or the same gender person, all you are doing is loving someone. And, love is love. How can love be a crime? To all the people who are opposing homosexuality, I hope you will understand this type of human nature soon.

I would also like to use this blog as an opportunity to thank India’s Supreme Court for making the supremely important and historical judgement a few days back. On September 06, 2018, the Supreme Court of India abolished the IPC Section 377 henceforth decriminalising homosexuality and making it legal in India. Congratulations to all the people who fought to make this a reality! It is a big win as a democracy, and for humanity, equality and equal rights. I am proud of all those people who accept homosexuality. Let’s embrace one and all and their choices.

To all my friends who belong to the LGBT community and are afraid to come out openly to the world, be who you are. Make an effort to put courage in your heart to be open about who you are. Live open. Live free. As I said earlier, you are not criminals. We are all human beings. We are all born equal. We are all special. Here through this blog, I am sending a lot of love and strength to you.

"Homosexuality is not a disease, nor is it a genetic disorder; it is a general attraction towards another person."
– Ronak Sawant


Disclaimer: This article is written and published for the educational purpose, thus sharing my thoughts on homosexuality. It is not created to hurt any person's sentiments. This article may contain words such as homosexuality, homosexual, LGBT, gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer, heterosexual, sex, sexual orientation, sexual relationship, same-sex relationship, etc. Readers' discretion is advised. Thank you.

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"Explore life before expire."

– Ronak Sawant