Ronak Sawant is an artist engaged in performing, literary and visual arts. He is a dancer, poet, writer and street photographer from Mumbai, India. He is a life explorer and a free soul who uses his art, wisdom and life's journey to inspire people and to make a change in the world.

June 01, 2021

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Cover Photo: Precious Life - Song by Ronak Sawant

[Verse 1]

Every breath that you take

Is priceless, priceless

Every day that you awake

Is marvellous, marvellous


Every love that you give

It returns, returns

Every happiness that you share

It ripples, ripples


Every star that shines high above

It's for us, for us

Every moment you believe and live

Is precious, precious



It's a precious life

Sooner or later, I hope you realise

It's a precious life

Now & forever, may you live before you die



It's a precious life

Hmm Hmm Hmm

It's a precious life

Hmm Hmm Hmm

It's a precious life

It's a precious life


[Verse 2]

Life is only one, only one

Once you're gone, it cannot be undone

So your time in this world is limited

Don't let it pass by and waste it


Do what fills your soul, yes the soul

That way you can make your life whole

Always keep a smile and stay faithful

For everything that you have, be grateful


It's a crazy roller coaster ride, a crazy one

So live without fear and have fun

As death is just a moment

While life is a precious gift



It's a precious life

Hmm Hmm Hmm

It's a precious life

Hmm Hmm Hmm

It's a precious life

It's a precious life


[Bridge] (x2)

You are precious

You are life

You are special

You are life



It's a precious life

Sooner or later, I hope you realise

It's a precious life

Now & forever, may you live before you die


[Chorus] (x2)

It's a precious life

Hmm Hmm Hmm

It's a precious life

Hmm Hmm Hmm

It's a precious life

It's a precious life



Song by Ronak Sawant

January 21, 2021

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Cover Photo: Pyaar Hai Tumse - Song by Ronak Sawant

[Verse 1]

Mera dil bas karta hai teri baatein

Dhadakte hue bas leta hai tera naam

Mera mann bas sochta hai tere baare mein

Sochte hue dhal jaati hai yeh shyaam

Meri aankhon ko nazar aaye bas tera hi chehra

Duniya mein laga ho jaise bas tera hi mela



Tu khaas hai

Tu khwaab hai

Tu safar hai

Aur manzil bhi hai


Tu pyaar hai

Tu khumaar hai

Tu din hai

Aur raat bhi hai



Haan mujhe pyaar hai tumse

Pyaar hai tumse

Pyaar hai tumse

Aa saath mein hum zindagi jeeye

Aa saath mein hum zindagi jeeye

Aa saath mein hum zindagi jeeye


Ra ra ra, Ra ra ra, Ra ra ra ra ra ra ra

Ra ra ra, Ra ra ra, Ra ra ra ra ra ra ra


[Verse 2]

Mera rooh bas chahta hai tujhe hi

Chahe aise ke tu hi hai meri pari

Teri muskurahat se mai pighal jaata hoon

Pighalkar mai gungunaata hoon yeh saare dhun

Teri aankhon ko dekhkar mai doob jata hoon

Tairkar mai paa leta hoon khud ko bas tere sang



Tu aashna hai

Tu aashiyaana hai

Tu paani hai

Aur zindagi bhi hai


Tu pyaar hai

Tu khumaar hai

Tu din hai

Aur raat bhi hai



Haan mujhe pyaar hai tumse

Pyaar hai tumse

Pyaar hai tumse

Aa saath mein hum zindagi jeeye

Aa saath mein hum zindagi jeeye

Aa saath mein hum zindagi jeeye


Ra ra ra, Ra ra ra, Ra ra ra ra ra ra ra

Ra ra ra, Ra ra ra, Ra ra ra ra ra ra ra



Song by Ronak Sawant

Note: Image copyright belongs to the respective owner. I do not own the copyright to the image used in this post.

December 21, 2020

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I Am Writing A Book - Ronak Sawant

Yes, my friend, you read that title right. I have been waiting for so many months to share this specific dream with you, but as cliche, as it may sound—great things are worth the wait.

I feel so excited and happy to announce officially on my blog that I am writing a book. Honestly, it feels just like yesterday that I started my writing journey by sharing my thoughts on this blog and social platforms, and now here I am working on writing my first book.

If you are in touch with me on social media, you must have seen one of my posts where I said that I want to share one astonishing news, one of the aspirations from my bucket list, and also present to the world a surprise gift. So, this is the gift, the dream, and the news that I was talking about—my first ever book.

I Am Writing A Book - Ronak Sawant

I know many of you would be surprised and shocked knowing this news. It is coming out of the box, I know! But that's life—it demands evolution, innovation and inspiration. It demands out of the box things. In short, it demands change. A book, especially, is one of those extraordinary things. I believe a book can change and save a life.

I don't want to disclose all the details about my book in this blog article, but I would like to share a few things.

The book is about life, my favourite subject. If you ask why; it's because I love life. For me, life is not just life; it is much more. You will get to know why I said life is much more in this beautiful book.

It has been 25 years now that I am understanding and living this special gift called life. Every moment I breathed has been an incredible journey so far. Every day I am learning and experiencing something new about this priceless and precious gift known as life. Life is so beautiful and astonishing when you embrace, believe, love and live it with all your heart. Life is a blessing and a great gift that one can make use of in the best way. By living my life and sharing my gift with the world, I think I am making the most of it. Because that's the plan that I have about my life—to live at the fullest and make it count. I still remember when I was 16-years-old, I made a promise to myself that I want to live and die the happiest man who ever lived in this universe. So far, I must say I am doing pretty good at it.

The best thing about this book is that nothing was planned about the book—it just happened. Just like love happens, this book happened to me in the same way as well. To put it right, I would say this book is my love. Period.

I repeat, the book is about life. And talking about life, I want to take a moment to say that I am eternally grateful for this precious gift of life and everything.

Writing a book on the life and at this age is a special dream and a huge milestone for me. I will conclude by saying: the book is in the making, it's astonishing, it's something.

Ronak Sawant writing a book

P.S. If you have read the whole article and have reached this particular sentence then as a thank you gesture; I would like to disclose something huge about the book. So, there's a hint for you. The title of the book is ingrained in one of the lines of this article. If you happen to be smart and guess the book title, feel free to share it in the comments below. I would love to see your answers.

If you would like to get all my book updates, feel free to connect with me on Social Media and follow this dedicated Instagram page for my writings: @lifethebook

Keep working on your dreams, keep smiling and keep living.

Thank you.


Ronak Sawant

Ronak Sawant & his Pen

December 01, 2020

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End on a Good Note - Ronak Sawant

2020—the year has been rough for the entire world because of the Coronavirus Pandemic, which has altered life as we know it. Who would have thought that one day we will have to live life wearing a mask and it will become a part of our daily lifestyle, go through lockdown, and maintain physical distancing until the vaccine is available!

When a pandemic like this happens, it just disturbs everything. Every day there is breaking news saying so many people are affected and have died because of the virus. People are losing their livelihood, loved ones and life, whereas the virus is spreading rapidly, and it's not taking the pause.

Such things happen rarely, but that's life—it's unpredictable. Like any long dark tunnel, this unprecedented time too shall pass soon. Until then, be the light, be the hope, be the change, and be tough. Don't lose your hope; don't give up, and please don't stop living. You know, ten years from now, we will be laughing at this virus and telling stories about how we lived and overcame the COVID-19 pandemic.

Time is passing, and it is already the last month of this strange year. Before it ends, let's do some great things each day and make 2020 the year to remember for the amazing things that we choose to do amid the crisis. After all, why let any situation stop us from being truly happy and doing the things we love. I mean, if someone asks you how was 2020 for you, I am sure you don't want to reply saying it was like a virus—boring. Forget about someone, how do you feel when you ask that to yourself? I know you are feeling the charge now to change it up for good. Why wait then, let's make it happen and bring the change from today.

So, to make the most of this crisis, I am sharing the list of a few things that I have been doing, and you can do as well to stay happy and make the most of this crisis time and your life:

- Spend time with your family

- Be grateful for this life and everything

- Talk to the person you are missing the most

- Connect with your loved ones and friends that you had lost touch or are in touch

- Revisit old hobbies

- Read the book that is lying in the shelf

- Watch your favourite movie

- Listen to your playlist and dance & sing along to your favourite songs

- Exercise and meditate

- Water the plants in your balcony

- Spend the evening sipping chai (tea) and watching the sun go to sleep

- Stay awake for a while at night to see the shining stars and the glowing moon

- Learn something new (language, skill, etc.)

- Pursue your passion

- Work on your dreams and goals

The objective is to do something each day that will make you happy and improve your life. Trust me; this is the best time to do all this. We all want to come out of this virus stronger—saying we did something and have amazing stories to tell. Remember, in life, not all things are under our control, but some things certainly are. Such things are not far away; they are always within our reach. All it demands from us is one step towards enduring joy.

We are all responsible for our own happiness. And happiness is the virus that we all must be focused and working on to spread at large because I believe happiness is more contagious than a virus.

Let's turn 2020, the year of the virus into a year of bliss.

P.S. 2020 has been an excellent year for me in all the aspects of life; i.e., personally, professionally, mentally, physically, emotionally, financially, spiritually. It's been a great year of learning, growing and becoming the best version of myself. As the year nears an end now, I want to make the last month count as well and make this year a memorable one. I have promised myself that I will do something every day that will make me proud that I did it, no matter how small or big it may be. I have created this little tagline that I am saying to myself every day; it goes something like: "Dear 2020, it's my duty to make you happy." This line has been helping in reminding me to be happy and do the things that I am proud of this year. You are free to apply this tagline for yourself and see how it changes your approach towards life this year.

Go on! Make the year 2020 count and end it on a good note. Take care & stay safe, my friend. Let's get through 2020 in style and have an astonishing 2021!

P.P.S. I will be sharing some great news soon on my blog. There's something special, a gift, from me to the world. I am so excited to share this with you. So, stay tuned. Thank you.


Ronak Sawant

May 05, 2020

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Cover Photo: A Poem on Coronavirus & Lockdown by Ronak Sawant

"कोरोना हारेगा, हम जीतेंगे"


जीवन ठहरा-सा है

ज़माना तनहा-सा है

माहौल बिगड़ा-सा है

संसार बदला-सा है

लोग घर में कैद है

दुकान, दफ्तर, सब बंद है

सड़के सुनसान है

चारों तरफ लॉकडाउन है

पटरी पर रेलगाड़ी दौड़ रही है

ही आसमान में विमान उड़ रहा है

शहर की रफ्तार रुकी-सी है

शहर का शोर गायब-सा है

लोगों की चहल-पहल थम गयी है

यारों की महफ़िल एक गुज़री कहानी-सी है

बच्चों के खेल-कूद की गूँज चुप्पी है

जीने का मज़ा गायब-सा है

प्रकृति खिली है और पंछी चहचहा रहे है

हवा ताज़ी और नदी साफ़ हो गयी है

दिल अब तरस रहा है इसे संजोने के लिए

लेकिन क्या करे, हम है बेबसी के मारे बंद अपने घरों में

कभी सोचा न था, जीवन में ऐसे भी होगा

फुर्सत के बदले, ऐसी हकीकत देखने मिलेगी

झप्पी के बदले, दूरी रखनी होगी

जीवन की एक लड़ाई, ऐसे छिपकर लड़नी और जीतनी होगी

कैसी महामारी है यह जो फैलती ही जा रही है?

कैसी बीमारी है यह जो जान लेती जा रही है?

किसका किया धरा है यह?

क्या यह सिर्फ गलती या कोई विनाश का इरादा है?

कुछ महत्वपूर्ण सवाल है जिसके अपूर्ण जवाब है

कोई भी समस्या जहाँ से निर्माण होती है

अक्सर उसका हल वहाँ पे मौजूद होता है

खैर, हमें अपना वजूद निभाना ही है

जिस वक़्त से हम गुज़र रहे है

बहुत ही संगीन और कठिन है

लेकिन मेरे दोस्त, तुझे मजबूत रहना ही होगा

तुझे इस कोरोना महामारी से लड़ना ही होगा

ये कोरोना जो है ना

बस कुछ ही दिनों का मेहमान है

जब बनेगी दवा

तब होना इसका तबाह है

आशा की किरण जगाए रखना

साहस और विश्वास को टूटने मत देना

एक सवेरा ज़रूर आएगा

जो संसार को फिर से रौनक कर देगा

सब कुछ ठीक होगा

यह वक़्त भी गुज़र जाएगा

कोरोना हारेगा, हम जीतेंगे

कोरोना हारेगा, हम जीतेंगे

कवि - रोनक सावंत




"Corona Haarega, Hum Jeetenge"


Jeevan thahra sa hai

Zamaana tanha sa hai

Mahaul bigda sa hai

Sansaar badla sa hai

Log ghar mein kaid hai

Dukaan, daftar, sab band hai

Sadke sunsaan hai

Charon taraf lockdown hai

Na patri par railgaadi daud rahi hai

Na hi aasmaan mein vimaan udd raha hai

Shahar ki raftaar ruki si hai

Shahar ka shor gayaab sa hai

Logon ki chahal-pahal tham gayi hai

Yaaron ki mehfil ek guzri kahani si hai

Bachon ke khel-kud ki goonj chuppi hai

Jeene ka maza gaayab sa hai

Prakriti khili hai aur panchi chahchaha rahe hai

Hawa taazi aur nadi saaf ho gayi hai

Dil ab taras raha hai ise sanjone ke liye

Lekin kya kare, hum hai bebasi ke maare band apne gharon mein

Kabhi socha na tha, jeevan mein aise bhi hoga

Fursat ke badle, aisi haqeeqat dekhne milegi

Jhappi ke badle, doorie rakhni hogi

Jeevan ki ek ladai, aise chhipkar ladni aur jeetni hogi

Kaisi mahaamaari hai yeh jo failti hi jaa rahi hai?

Kaisi bimaari hai yeh jo jaan leti jaa rahi hai?

Kiska kiya dhara hai yeh?

Kya yeh sirf galti ya koi vinaash ka iraada hai?

Kuch mahatvpurn sawaal hai jiske apurn jawaab hai

Koi bhi samasya jahan se nirmaan hoti hai

Aksar uska hal wahan pe maujood hota hai

Khair, humein apna wajood nibhana hi hai

Jis waqt se hum guzar rahe hai

Bahut hi sangeen aur kathin hai

Lekin mere dost, tujhe majboot rehna hi hoga

Tujhe iss corona mahaamaari se ladna hi hoga

Yeh Corona jo hai naa

Bas kuch hi dino ka mehmaan hai

Jab banegi dava

Tab hona iska tabaah hai

Aasha ki kiran jagaye rakhna

Saahas aur vishwas ko tootne mat dena

Ek savera zaroor aayega

Jo sansaar ko phir se raunak kar dega

Sab kuch theek hoga

Yeh waqt bhi guzar jaayega

Corona haarega, Hum jeetenge

Corona haarega, Hum jeetenge

Poet - Ronak Sawant

© Artwork by Li Min | China Daily. I do not own the copyright to the image used in this poem.


A couple of days ago, I viewed lockdown pictures of my beloved city, Mumbai. Seeing those deserted streets, I felt tears in my eyes. Honestly, I couldn’t bear that sight. The city that has always been full of life is now empty. Then I saw a video of how the environment is getting better and nature is blooming. I so wanted to go out and cherish it, but it’s significant right now that we stay at home. I had also read some news in which many people committed suicide fearing the Coronavirus. So I wanted to create something as a solution highlighting all that we are going through in such trying times. That led me to write this inspiring poem.

The inspiration for this poetry was all the above moments. I penned this poem in a way that it inspires one to be healthy, have faith, keep hope alive and never give up against Covid-19 or any life situation in general.

Dear friends, be grateful for everything you have in life, especially life. Be thankful for the internet as because of it you are reading this, say thank you to those walls around you that are comforting you and keeping you safe for years, thank your family, be thankful for every little thing, be it water, food, air, oxygen, etc.

Every day I wake up with a smile on my face and gratitude in my heart and go to bed at night feeling the same. Life is beautiful no matter what the situation.

I know it’s a difficult time that we are going through in life. Because of the virus, people are losing lives; the economy is tumbling down, businesses are closed, countries are in lockdown, etc. But I also do know that it is temporary and this tough time too shall pass. As I said in the poem, “Ek savera zaroor aayega, Jo sansaar ko phir se raunak kar dega.” (One morning will surely come that will make the world shine bright again.)

So hang in there, mere dost (my friend). Have faith. Be strong. We are in this together. Together we will fight and overcome this adversity and come out more powerful than ever. Take care; stay safe!

Coronavirus ke baad mai aap sabhi ko khushi se gale lagaake milunga. (After the Coronavirus, I will meet you all with a happy hug.)

Coronavirus will lose; we will win.

Coronavirus will lose; we will win.



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"Explore life before expire."

– Ronak Sawant