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December 31, 2016

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Cover Photo: Journey 2016 - Ronak Sawant

2016, this is one year which I never wanted to end. But everything in life has the start as well as the end, so you just have to deal with it. Still, I think this 2016 year ended so fast, isn’t it? It’s just a few hours left now for the New Year, i.e. 2017. I really can’t believe that the year 2016 is coming to an end. So before the calendar changes and the year 2016 officially ends, I would like to look back at my journey of 2016 to reminisce and cherish all the memories that I have created, dreams that I have accomplished this entire year and say thank you for this life.

Here are the beautiful highlights of my Journey 2016 in no particular order:

  • PERFORMANCE at MUMBAI - Rangsharda Auditorium, Bandra:

I had a great time performing here in my hometown, my home ground Bandra on January 30, 2016. This was right before my TY BSc IT internal exams where I nailed both performances as well as exams.

  • LONAVLA | Travel Diary:

Cover Photo: LONAVLA - Travel Diary - Journey 2016 - Ronak Sawant

This one-day fun trip to Lonavla with my IT friends a month before the final exams turned out into the trip to remember.


This project work also happened to be the part of my 2016 highlights because I created, designed and developed a website all by myself as the partial fulfilment for my BSc IT graduation studies. I am so proud of this because I did it myself and I learned so much in the process.


Cover Photo: iPhone 6s Gold

Thank you, mummy, for all the love and support! It is all because of you I got this!

  • GRADUATION IN 2016 | Childhood Wish:

It was my childhood wish to become a graduate in the year 2016 (my birth-date year). Is it a coincidence or something other, I don’t know! But I made this wish come true passing all my BSc IT exams without any ATKT or Additional exam. In fact, I passed my final exams and pursued my BSc IT graduation with a distinction. This is like a punch to all the people who said to me that I can’t do it. I am happy being an IT graduate!

The first half of my 2016 was full of studies as it was my final year of BSc IT degree. Still, I managed somehow to do the other stuff I love, in the process. And I did both in styles.

  • KOLHAPUR | Travel Diary:

Cover Photo: KOLHAPUR -Travel Diary - Jyotiba Temple - Journey 2016 - Ronak SawantCover Photo: KOLHAPUR -Travel Diary - Jejuri - Journey 2016 - Ronak Sawant

This two days trip to Kolhapur turned out to be unexpected. I didn’t know that it would be this much fun there as I just visited this place to meet God, i.e. visit some temples and have my time with God. But I ended up finding myself. There is a quote that I have written:

"Bhagwan se milne gaya tha,
Khudse milkar aaya."
in English
("I was gone to meet God,
but I came back finding myself.")

Cover Photo: KOLHAPUR - Travel Diary - Journey 2016 - Ronak Sawant

I visited five places during this trip Mahalakshmi Temple, Jyotiba Temple, Rankala Lake, Narsobawadi and Jejuri. It was great fun exploring Kolhapur with my love Canon 600D.

  • PERFORMANCE at MUMBAI - Bhaidas Auditorium, Vile Parle:

Cover Photo: Performance at Mumbai - Ronak Sawant

I performed here five times; two times in the month of October and three times every day on 15, 16 and 17 November. I had a great time performing. Well, I always have but what made this performance more special and crazy is that I gave my final BSc IT board exams beside this place at UPG College, as this was my exam centre. So performing beside this college for these many times it was like celebrating my graduation and life every time I stepped on stage.

Cover Photo: Tempest - Mumbai Show - Ronak Sawant

  • BHANDARDARA | Travel Diary:

Cover Photo: BHANDARDARA - Travel Diary - Journey 2016 - Ronak Sawant

This trip has been one of the amazing trips I have had in my life so far because it is always fun when you have your entire family with you. I truly had a great time with my family, and it was fun exploring the unexplored. We did boating at Arthur Hill Lake, Dancing at Clubhouse, the Pool game I played with my dad, the fun times and all the laughs that we had, etc. and our stay at Anandvan Resort was just amazing, and it was shit cold at night there.

  • I wrote and published my first ever Song titled “Journey of Life” on October 21, 2016. This is an English song. This song is very special and close to me. It basically depicts the meaning of life and the lifelong journey.

  • I wrote and published my first ever Dance Poem titled “I Dance, I Dance & I Dance!” on January 4, 2016. This is not just a Poem but an Anthem for every person who is passionate and is committed to this beautiful art form called Dance.

  • I wrote and published first ever Poetry in my Maayboli (mother tongue) Marathi language titled "थेंब आनंदाचे (पाऊस आला)" on July 8, 2016. This poem is a message to the Rains and the God of Rain due to the big problem occurred called Dearth since last three years in our state Maharashtra. The farmers were committing suicides; there was a lack of water everywhere, etc which made me do this as an Artist. And just after when I published this poem, the Rains started coming this year in full swing. This was indeed the drops of happiness I tell you! I am glad that I played my part and contributed something in this. Thank you Rains, keep coming and keep making us happy with your drops because... 'तु आम्हाला हवा आहेस' (we need you).

  • I wrote and published a total 7 Poems this year in English, Hindi and Marathi language.

  • I wrote and published a total 23 Blogs this year including 7 poems, 1 song and this blog post.

  • I started something special called "The Note Book". This is an online book released by me in which the pages of the book are published online day-by-day. So this is most probably my debut book that is full of notes, thoughts, lessons and life.

Cover Photo: The Note Book - Ronak Sawant


Cover Photo: G+ Create Member - Ronak Sawant

When Google finds your Photography style and other art interesting; and you get an email as an invitation to be a part of their program. I became a Member of Google+ Create and also a Trusted Tester.

  • Getting a Verification tick-mark badge on Social Media...
Cover Photo: Verification badge on YouTube - Ronak SawantCover Photo: Verification badge on Google+ - Ronak Sawant

One of my crazy bucket lists got fulfilled this year. I got verified on YouTube and Google+. This is like an award of appreciation for the art that you create as an Artist and share here on social media.

  • And many more amazing things that happened on this Journey 2016 that I am so thankful and grateful for this life!

For the coming New Year, I don’t want to make any Resolutions or something as I don’t like making a Resolution. But one thing is for sure that I’ll keep on doing the things I love as an Artist/Human; keep achieving my goals, keep having fun and living life. I just want to say thank you to this life and thank you to all the people I have in my life. I love you all so much!

I would like to end this blog by saying 'Bye-bye to 2016 – you were lovely' and 'Hello to 2017'. Just like stepping towards the New Year leaving previous year behind; let’s only take happy moments, good times and fun memories with us that made our life a great adventure filled with joy by leaving behind all the sadness, failures, sorrow and all the bad times we have had. I mean let’s just forget the sadness, take forward happiness and make a new start. Cheers!

P.S. I have decided that this will be my last blog of "Years Journey". Happy New Year 2017 and I hope 2017 will be beautiful for all of us. Take care and Have fun! :)

December 25, 2016

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Cover Photo: In A Dream I Meet Santa - A Poem by Ronak Sawant

On a bed, I was sleeping.
Singing jingle-bell, jingle-bell in my mind,
For a Santa Claus to come and for my gift remind!
I didn’t know, but I was dreaming.

The inner child in me wanted the Christmas present,
And wanted to meet the lovely Santa along with his vehicle sledge!
So I kept singing the song continuously,
In my dream, I never thought I would be such silly.

With keeping eyes closed, but mind being wandering somewhere,
I was waiting for the Santa to arrive early from the window here.
Along with a gift, to hear that Santa’s big laugh,
Oh, I thought it could be more than enough!

I was singing on and on, but this time with a clap,
I am glad no one at home noticed this and presented me a slap.
I see the Santa giving gifts one-by-one and coming to my house,
In this beautiful dream, I was so much engrossed!

Then suddenly I heard the heavy sound of something,
I thought Santa has come in our wing.
My eyes got open, and I started looking out the window,
I realise very soon that I was dreaming and there’s no Santa from the snow.

Under the pillow, there was no gift.
The Santa’s laugh "HO, HO, HO",
I started to believe its "NO, NO, NO"!
I then said Merry Christmas to the world, myself & the dreamy Santa and went back to sleep feeling my life a gift.

Poet - Ronak Sawant

December 08, 2016

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Cover Photo: जिंदगी एक ही बार मिलती है (Zindagi Ek Hi Baar Milti Hai) - A Poem by Ronak Sawant

ज़िंदगी एक ही बार मिलती है,
दिल से जी ले,
खुल कर जी ले।

दोबारा नहीं मिलेगी ये ज़िंदगी,
वक़्त होने से पहले कर ले इससे दोस्ती,
वक़्त होने से पहले कर ले सारी मस्ती।

रोनक सावंत


"Zindagi Ek Hi Baar Milti Hai"

Zindagi ek hi baar milti hai,
Dil se jee le,
Khul kar jee le.

Dobara nahin milegi yeh zindagi,
Waqt hone se pehle karle isse dosti,
Waqt hone se pehle karle saari masti.

- Ronak Sawant

November 14, 2016

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Cover Photo: A Child Forever - Ronak Sawant

Childhood is the root of our lives; the root which grows into a plant (young age) and then later into a tree (old age), as the time passes. I am 22 now, and I am into the plant stage. The plant stage is the most significant stage of life. Because most of the people fail in this stage due to some reasons, and this is the stage which fades away the root stage of our lives, childhood!

But like a plant, I too feel my roots (the child in me) every day. I love to meet that child because this child is the one who taught me how to live a free life without stress and worries. This child is the one who made me realise the real meaning of happiness that it exists in the little things of day-to-day life. Even though being a plant (young) now, I don’t find joy in huge things. This child is the one who made it so clear to me that love is the ultimate cure. The more love you give, the more you will receive. Even though tomorrow when I will turn into a tree, I will forever keep a child in me alive. And I will always try my best to meet my root (the child in me) every single day.

So here’s the one who is writing this blog, not as a young Ronak Sawant but as a child Ronak Sawant. And here’s to everyone who likes to meet and have kept the child in them alive, Happy Children’s Day!

Ronak Sawant's childhood photo
That's me when I was almost five years old.
So many good memories of me when I was a child!

A child forever!

October 21, 2016

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Cover Photo: Journey of Life - Song by Ronak Sawant

[Verse 1]

Life is a blessing and beautiful

Life is a gift and graceful

There's so much to do

There's so much to learn

So many places to go

This life is only the one

Stop chasing money

Just do what you love

Cause life's journey is not forever

It has an end, and death can occur whenever

Life is all about living

So live before you die




I'm gonna walk

this journey of life

I'm gonna live

this journey of life

And I'm gonna breathe

Ae-Ae-A-A, Ae-Ae-A-A, Ae-Ae-A-A, Ae

this journey of

this journey of

this journey of

this journey of life


[Verse 2]

Life is a mystery and magical

Life is precious and practical

Everything happens here for a reason

Love, happiness and peace is a mission

Listen to the voice coming from inside

Follow your heart and enjoy the ride

Take that one step of your life

And don't be afraid to be alive

Life is all about the journey

So don't worry about where you will arrive

Just live in the moment

Have fun and make it count




I'm gonna walk

this journey of life

I'm gonna live

this journey of life

And I'm gonna breathe

Ae-Ae-A-A, Ae-Ae-A-A, Ae-Ae-A-A, Ae

this journey of

this journey of

this journey of

this journey of life


[Bridge] (x2)


Let's go on the journey

Let's enjoy this journey

Let's live this journey

Let's breathe in this journey of life


[Chorus] (x2)


I'm gonna walk

this journey of life

I'm gonna live

this journey of life

And I'm gonna breathe

Ae-Ae-A-A, Ae-Ae-A-A, Ae-Ae-A-A, Ae

this journey of

this journey of

this journey of

this journey of life



Song by Ronak Sawant

October 11, 2016

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Cover Photo: Manzil Yahin Hai - A Poem by Ronak Sawant

रास्ता कठिन है,
लेकिन नामुमकिन नहीं।

भटकना तो तय है,
लेकिन घूम जाना नहीं।

दुःख तो हर पल है,
लेकिन दिल कमजोर नहीं।

ज़िंदगी पैसों में समाई है,
लेकिन ख़ुशी नहीं।

डरता क्यों है मुसाफिर,
मंज़िल यहीं है।

- रोनक सावंत


"Manzil Yahin Hai"

Raasta kathin hai,
Lekin namumkin nahi.

Bhatakna toh tay hai,
Lekin ghoom jana nahi.

Dukh toh har pal hai,
Lekin dil kamzor nahi.

Zindagi paiso mein samaayi hai,
Lekin khushi nahi.

Darta kyun hai musafir,
Manzil yahin hai.

- Ronak Sawant

August 07, 2016

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Cover Photo: Street Photography in India - Ronak Sawant

"Street Photography is not about taking photos on the street;
it’s about capturing the soul of the street."
– Ronak Sawant

I am Ronak Sawant, and I love doing Street Photography the most above all the photography styles. I believe that Street Photography is not just an art, but it’s a way of life. After spending almost 1 and half years capturing photographs on the street (well that’s my journey so far as a Photographer), I think it’s my responsibility as a Street Photographer that this Street Photography art goes out to people in a right way. I mean the people should know what exactly Street Photography is all about and how to represent this beautiful art. It’s like if one person can’t take that one necessary step to bring that change; to educate or to showcase the real art then the scene will remain the same as it is. As I truly believe that one person can make a difference, so this is why I am writing the blog sharing my experiences, moments and perspective on Street Photography in India.

In India, people are not very much aware as in they don’t know that Street Photography is an art and it’s a type of photography style that exists. Even today, if you carry a DSLR camera, go outside and capture photographs on the street, 99% of people will consider you a ‘पत्रकार’ (a Reporter or a Cameraman). The incident which has happened to me many times and it still happens!

Street Photography by Ronak Sawant - Mumbai, India.
Street Photography by Ronak Sawant - Mumbai, India.

Only a few people in India know about Street Photography, just very few. Here in India, people only know three types of Photography very well, and that’s Fashion, Wedding and Wildlife Photography. But when asked about Street Photography, it’s a great doubt! According to mentality here, Street Photography is just about capturing the beggars on the street. You know, it feels sad when the Photographers themselves give an incorrect knowledge or information about the art which they are practising. So how can you expect the same from non-photography people? It’s not possible right!

What is Street Photography?

Cover Photo: Street Photography Quote - Ronak Sawant

According to me, Street Photography is about capturing the moments and collecting the soul of the street. This type of photography is very different from all the other styles. Here you don’t have any model from magazine cover to pose for you. You don’t have any lighting set-up, the only light you have is nature. You don’t have a studio set-up, no make-up, nothing. You have to make use of whatever present on the street. That's what makes street photography different as well as exciting. You don’t know what will happen, what moments you will witness. It is unpredictable just as life. It’s all about you being present in the moment with your camera, vision and wander in search of the perfect street shot. Be it a tea stall, vegetable market, a man walking, a girl reading, etc. any place or any situation. Everything is just real here, not like a studio. Everything is natural, not planned or posed shots. Here the entire street is your photography studio, and you become its part to capture it all.

My Experiences:

While doing Street Photography, there are people who count me in as a Tourist who according to them is probably seeing the city for the first time. That's a good sign essentially! If you make them feel this, then you are doing a good job. And then there are those who consider me as a Cameraman, the mentality I tell you!

There’s also one incident that I had with the Police Officers in Mumbai. I was exploring the streets of my hometown Bandra in April 2014, having hands-on my friend’s Nikon SLR Camera. That is when a Police saw me with a Camera and called me. For a moment I got scared as I thought, “Why he is calling, will he take off my camera or what?” You know, my Mom and Dad always told me to be safe while doing whatever I am doing with a camera outside. They also advised me saying to stay away from Police and don’t hand a camera to them if a situation comes. Remembering these words of my parents, I walked confidently toward the Police. He asked directly, "What are you doing with a Camera in this alley (street)?" I just said, "I am capturing Photographs". (It was a silent street by the way). He then called another Police Officer who was standing some distance away from us and told him all the matter. The second Police Officer asked me to show my camera right away. This time I got very much aware, and I showed him all the photographs that I had captured, holding a camera in my hand. And just for the sake, I even told him "if you feel that I am doing something wrong, then I will delete all the pictures if you want". Just when I whispered any other word, he was amazed at my Photography. He just said, “हे खूप छान फोटो आहेत, परंतु आता विधानसभा निवडणुकीची तयारी चालू आहे, म्हणून फोटोग्राफीला इथे परवानगी नाही” (These are great photos, but now it's assembly election preparations going on, so photography is not allowed here). That is when I realised that its election preparations going on (though the elections were three weeks away) and the Police Officers are just doing their duty. Then they both said with care to switch off my camera and walk away from the alley as quickly as possible and do Photography somewhere else, not here. I said, Thank you in return and left. This was certainly a good experience! A big up to Mumbai Police for always taking care of the city!

अगर अच्छा करोगे, तो अच्छा पाओगे। (If you do well, then the good will happen to you.)

Street Photography by Ronak Sawant - Mumbai, India.
Street Photography by Ronak Sawant - Mumbai, India.

My Moments:

I remember every photograph that I capture, and it’s behind the picture story too. Here is the image that I captured near Khar, Mumbai a few months back while I was doing a Photo Walk there.

Street Photography by Ronak Sawant - Mumbai, India.
Street Photography by Ronak Sawant - Mumbai, India.

These two gentlemen’s in this picture were in their world, and so was I with my camera. As you can see, the Person 2 was giving a leg massage at a bus stop to Person 1. I observed this and captured it right away. You can see the expression of Person 1 doing a gesture, “Who is he? Why he is taking a photo?” When this kind of situation arises while shooting, I hate it because I had to explain to them what I am doing and what Street Photography is! I have done this many times, wasted my Photo Walk time and did an explanation. It is necessary sometimes because there are people who are not at all photo-friendly.

Here is another image I captured back in 2015 while I was exploring the streets of Dadar, Mumbai. I viewed this beautiful old woman, sitting by a roadside and I don’t know why but I wanted to capture her. So just when I focussed my lens towards her, she just did this 'Namaste' pose! It is one awesome moment!

Street Photography by Ronak Sawant - Mumbai, India.
Street Photography by Ronak Sawant - Mumbai, India.

Here are some of my favourite Street Photographs that I captured exploring the streets of India:

Street Photography by Ronak Sawant - Delhi, India.
Street Photography by Ronak Sawant - Delhi, India.

Street Photography by Ronak Sawant - Goa, India.
Street Photography by Ronak Sawant - Goa, India.

Street Photography by Ronak Sawant - Amritsar, India.
Street Photography by Ronak Sawant - Amritsar, India.

Street Photography by Ronak Sawant - Vaibhavwadi, India.
Street Photography by Ronak Sawant - Vaibhavwadi, India.

Street Photography by Ronak Sawant - Mumbai, India.
Street Photography by Ronak Sawant - Mumbai, India.

Street Photography by Ronak Sawant - Nagpur, India.
Street Photography by Ronak Sawant - Nagpur, India.

Street Photography by Ronak Sawant - Ooty, India.
Street Photography by Ronak Sawant - Ooty, India.

Street Photography by Ronak Sawant - Mumbai, India.
Street Photography by Ronak Sawant - Mumbai, India.

Street Photography by Ronak Sawant - Mumbai, India.
Street Photography by Ronak Sawant - Mumbai, India.

"If you haven’t captured any photograph on the street,
then you surely don’t know what real photography is all about."
– Ronak Sawant

July 30, 2016

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Cover Photo: Pahaadon Se Pyaar - Ronak Sawant

पता नहीं क्या हुआ है मुझे आजकल,

पहाड़ों में अपने आप को देख रहा हूँ,

पहाड़ों में अपने दिल को महसूस कर रहा हूँ,

पहाड़ों में जैसे शायद खुद ही को ढूंढ रहा हूँ

अभी तो यहीं हूँ मैं, पर दिल है कहीं पहाडों में

ये पहाड़ों से प्यार है मेरा या कुछ और!


Pahaadon Se Pyaar

Pata nahi kya hua hai mujhe aaj-kal,

Pahaadon mein apne aap ko dekh raha hoon,

Pahaadon mein apne dil ko mehsoos kar raha hoon,

Pahaadon mein jaise shayad khud hi ko dhoondh raha hoon.

Abhi toh yahin hoon main, par dil hai kahin pahaadon mein.

Yeh pahaadon se pyaar hai mera yaa kuch aur!

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"Explore life before expire."

– Ronak Sawant