Ronak Sawant is an artist engaged in performing, literary and visual arts. He is a dancer, poet, writer and street photographer from Mumbai, India. He is a life explorer and a free soul who uses his art, wisdom and life's journey to inspire people and to make a change in the world.

September 07, 2014

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Cover Photo: Dance Saved My Life - Ronak Sawant

Dance, to me, is the meaning of life.
It is the air I breathe.
It is the best thing that has ever happened to me.
I feel that my life has become something special because of dance.

As I mentioned earlier in my previous blog post, my mind is crazy. Certainly, it is! Seriously, because this time my crazed mind tried to think, “What would I do without dance?” Honestly, I have no idea. I can’t imagine my life without dance.

When I dance, I feel like I am free and I can do anything. I am in my world, my crazy world when I dance. And when I do not dance, I feel empty. Yes, you read that right! Without dance, I feel lost and unsure of who I am. People always ask me, “Why do you dance?” I reply by saying, “I dance because I love dancing. It’s so much fun to do. I solely do, and I do it for myself. Dance is the only thing that when I do it, I don’t feel I should be doing something else. I believe that every person has a hidden dancer inside. So why not, let it out!”

Whenever I feel dull, low or not in the mood, the dance makes it much easier for me. Well, this is the alchemy of dance I guess! Also, when I feel like I have nowhere to turn to or no one to talk to; I always knew I must dance. Dance is my passion and my love. Yes, it’s my very first love. Love, at first sight, you can say!

The feeling of free, happy, joy, satisfied and peace!
From where I will get this all!

The smile on my face every day,
The love beneath my heart,
The purpose to enjoy life and live to the fullest,
The blog I am writing,
The people I have in life,
The confidence in me!
The reason I am alive,
And, the reason I love my beautiful life…
Is all because of dance!

Seriously, what would I do without dance! I love you dance so very much. You have always made me feel special. I have realised that there’s something magical and unique in me. There’s this deep inner calling or some purpose. I am feeling that, but don’t know what exactly it is. This feeling is the feeling that I love the most.

Dear dance, I am so glad that you found me because honestly, I have no idea what my life would be like without you. Thank you so much for forever being there for me through my good times and bad, happy times and sad. Thank you for always giving me the extra push I need in life. And most of all, thank you so much for making so many ordinary moments, extraordinary. Above all, thank you to the creator God and my Mom & Dad for this beautiful life. I am so blessed, that’s all I can say.

Dance has made me who I am today. Without dance, I don’t think I’d be half the person I am today. I must admit, if I didn’t dance, I’d probably be a dull person, and my life would be a boring life without dance. Dance has saved my life.

So, if you dance, keep dancing.
And, if you don’t dance, then start dancing!

August 20, 2014

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Cover Photo: Who am I? - Ronak Sawant

"Life is an eternal quest about knowing oneself.
If you don’t know who you are, life is impossible to live."
– Ronak Sawant

Every day, every night, my crazy mind questions myself - Who am I? Yes, you read that right! My mind is insane, and I have named it as 'crazy mind'. That may sound a little weird, I know!

We, humans, are the most beautiful creations ever of God. Our human heart is where our true self (inner self) resides, and intuition lies. It’s the source of that little inner voice that guides us in life if we let it. And, our human head (mind) is where the analysis, logic, ideas, thoughts, fear and that crazy mind thinking resides. So, I guess from that crazed mind thinking where this weird question, “Who am I?” creeps me every day, every night.

At least once in a lifetime, there comes a time in our life where we’re not sure of who we are, what we are doing, where we are going, etc. We think everything’s good, but it’s not good at all! Then one day we wake up, and we can’t even picture our self in the situation we are. But the secret is, if we can imagine ourselves doing anything we truly love in life, that’s when we understand who we are! We become conscious of everything that is happening, and in the process, we find our true self!

I am sure that most of you can relate. When there’s a big decision to be made in our life, we often feel confused we think like we are being pulled in many directions. Our head tells us to do one thing, whereas our heart tells us something else. To be more specific, our head tells us to do things only according to the choices of the situations, but our heart tells us to do what is best for us and life.

If you ever come across this situation in your life - Take a deep breath, place your hand on your heart and clear your mind of those crazy thoughts. That's how you can find your true self, your purpose, and your life. There’s a reason why God has given this beautiful life to you, and there’s always a reason why you’re alive.

So, don’t be fooled by your mind. Listen to your heart always with an open mind. Because all beautiful things begin from the heart and all bad things start from the mind. Never let the mind rule your heart. Let the heart rule your mind.

If you haven’t realised yet, this time, I have got your crazy mind running without even answering who I am.

So let’s get started!

Who am I?
I am the flowing water.
I am the moving air.
I am the shining star.
I am the growing tree.
I am the energy.
I am the emotion.
I am the source.
I am the universe.

I am Ronak Datta Sawant. Yes, that's my name! As you may or may not know, I’m generally a pretty light-hearted, easy-going, fun-loving person, who likes to smile, dance, sing, enjoy life and live to the fullest. I am a Human and Artist. Also, I must admit that I am not perfect. I love living and of course, loving. Life is beautiful. I am in love with it! I feel connected to my soul and the universe.

I must keep writing and sharing my crazy mind consistently with you, for I feel that by doing so I am talking to myself first and then you.

I welcome you all on my journey of life. I'm so excited about this. It is just the beginning! I shall stay in touch.

Thanks for reading! I hope to see you here again soon. May God bless you!

Ronak Sawant

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"Explore life before expire."

– Ronak Sawant