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July 31, 2018

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Cover Photo: Problems in life - Ronak Sawant

Problems exist in everyone’s life. They keep coming one after the other. But the truth is, problems are an inherent part of life, and they play an essential role in our life. Problems have the power to change our life completely. Difficulties make us who we are and what we choose to do or be. So the obstacles that are happening in life are for our good and benefit. Having a problem is never a sign of weakness or failure. It thus exists to say we are doing something wrong and that need to be fixed.

The fact is we all have the power to solve all our problems in life. It is all inside us. But instead of becoming the problem solver, we become the problem itself. I agree some problems are small and some are way too big to digest. But often it is seen that the problems that we call or name big end up being so small that we couldn’t stop ourselves calling us fools. Such a fool we are right!

The problems that are happening in our life are created by us or by others. It’s easy to find a solution and solve the problem, but it’s hard when you involve yourself or someone in it and play the blame game. Such problems are called stupid problems even though they are real. The more you will blame, the more you will be attached to your problem. The point is to be free from the problem, not to be a part of the problem. One of the best ways to solve the problem in life is to not involve anyone (including you) in it and stopping the game of blaming.

There are two types of problems in life: Problem that has a solution (it’s a changeable one) and Problem that doesn’t have any solution (it’s unchangeable). If the problem has a solution, then for that your action is needed and if the problem doesn’t have any solution then for that your thinking and understanding is required. The way you look towards the problem plays a significant role. If you think right, the problem will be alright. In general, life will be easy and bright. If you look at your problems negatively, you cannot solve them. This way you will make your difficulty a huge obstacle. You will want to come out of that hurdle, but you won’t. You will never be happy if you continue the negativity towards life. So remove negativity and add positivity.

Try and understand the root of your problem, this way you will surely find out a permanent solution to all your life problems. Running away and giving up is never a solution and it won't solve your problems. For problems seeming to be unchangeable and beyond our control, rather than simply trying to remove them or escaping reality, add positivity in life and change the experience.

Problems are just problems don't let them ruin your life. Don’t let your problems take over you. Don't let your problems define you. So if you have any problem in life right now, accept it, appreciate it and then deal with it in the right way and very soon you will be happy and free.

"Problems in life are easy to solve. Don’t be a problem, be a problem solver."
 Ronak Sawant

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