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October 20, 2019

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Cover Photo: "Trees, Humans & Life" - Ronak Sawant

रात के अंधेरों में मासूम पेड़ों को मार गिराया,
अरे, आप लोगों ने आरे का क्या यह हाल कर दिया?
जिस भारतीय संस्कृति में हम पेड़ों की पूजा करते हैं,
कुछ लोग इन पेड़ों के हत्यारे बन गए हैं।
यह सब करके कहाँ जाना चाहते हो,
और ऐसा क्या है जो पाना चाहते हो?
सच में, इंसान लालच से भरे हैं।
जबकि, पेड़ अच्छे कर्मों के बीज से भरे हैं।
वक़्त निकल जाने से पहले, जाग जाओ।
पेड़ बचाओ, प्रकृति बचाओ, जीवन बचाओ।
- रोनक सावंत

I have grown up listening to this beautiful story by my grandmother - “Plants go to sleep when it gets dark, and we should not disturb them by cutting its leaves, flowers, fruits, roots or branches.”

I have learned this very same thing from our Indian culture in which we worship trees. So, I firmly believe in this story of my grandma. It’s true because I think Trees and Humans have one huge similarity that we both have been blessed with this amazing gift called life. We both also have the power of saving each other’s life. But it’s the very nature of human that we are filled with greed, while trees are filled with the seeds of good deeds.

In this pursuit of chasing the development, we are failing to realise that we are destroying the environment too. Development is important for growth, but the environment is important for life. I believe Development and Environment Protection both should go hand in hand together. A proper balance between these two is the symbolic representation of the healthy and wealthy place. But instead of making things better, we are making it worse day-by-day. Hence, the reason for the sign of climate change.

We are human beings. Our life is entirely dependent on nature. The more we will destroy nature, the more we will suffer. Destroying the environment is like destroying our own self. I hope everyone understands the importance of the environment before it’s too late.

We must take our environment seriously. We must preserve our nature. We all together can make this world a better and a beautiful place. It’s possible.

Please, save nature, nature will save you.


Aarey Story (for those who don’t know what I’m referring to in this blog post):
On October 04, 2019 at around 9’clock at night, the authorities led by the Government started cutting (slaughtering) Trees for Mumbai Metro Car Shed at Aarey. It’s painful to see over 2000 Trees being cut in Aarey Forest. Heart-breaking to watch trees that stood for a hundred years are no more. Feeling like the part of a human body is cut off. Not only this, the police (based on the order given to them) even arrested the protesters who were protesting for saving the trees. This is probably for the first time someone might have been arrested for saving a tree. What has happened in Aarey in the last couple of days is so inhuman. People are not opposing the Metro and its shed; people are opposing the trees being cut down.

Fingers-cross on the Supreme Court's decision to come tomorrow about the Aarey case. May justice prevails for the ecosystem of Aarey!

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