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January 31, 2019

You can restart your life.

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You can restart your life - Ronak Sawant

In life, whatever you have become and wherever you are right now is all because of you and the choices you have made. Sometimes you are at the top of life, while sometimes you go through a downfall. Such downfall is often called the rock bottom of life. The rock bottom is that worst phase in life that makes our life hard to live. It occurs when we least expect and hits so hard that it ends up costing people’s life.

You go through the worst relationship in life. You feel cheated, foolish, helpless, hurt, and above all heartbroken. That one person who meant everything to you and for whom you did so much in life breaks your heart and makes your life miserable for you to live.

You fail in an exam. You think that society will not accept a person like you. You become a failure. You start thinking of yourself as waste and believe that life is over for you now.

You dream to achieve something in life. You plan, work hard for it, and you don’t get it. You try and try. Still, nothing works. You tag yourself as a loser and start thinking that you can’t achieve anything in life. You believe that life is not intended for you.

The obvious thought that runs in mind, in the end, thinking all this is to quit life. Many people have given up their lives because of all this; it’s a fact! My friend, if you’re going through such circumstances in your life, know that ending life is never a solution. Suicide is never a solution. Your life is precious. Your life is gifted to you to live, not to quit.

If you think your life is over, always remember,
You can restart your life.
You can heal your life.
You can fix your life.
You can change your life.

The power is within you. You are a fighter. You can turn negatives into positives. You can get your life back on track. You can make your life better. You can build the life you want to live. We all go through the ups and downs in life. You are not alone. Life is more than a downfall. One or 100 such rock bottoms may shake and break your whole life, but it can’t take life off from you. You are more powerful than the rock bottom that you are going through in life. You can control your life and rise above from it. All you have to do is work very hard to get back to where you once were, but it is possible with hard and smart work. Many people have done this. One such person is the little boy whose blog you are reading, Ronak Sawant.

So forget all the bad things that have happened in life and give your life another chance. You deserve a better life. Don’t give up! It’s easy to quit, but it takes courage to make a decision and change your life. Also, it takes determination to live by that decision.

Remember, there’s no restart button in life. But the beauty you don’t believe is you can restart your life at any moment. All it takes is opening the life’s door for yourself. You can do it. Life is never over; you can always restart your life and make it beautiful. The choice is yours. Always choose to live. Choose life, not death. Period.

"Never quit. Always fight."
– Ronak Sawant

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