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August 01, 2022

Starting Something Special: Annual Book Ritual

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Anmol Zindagi by Ronak Sawant

On this day, on 01 August 2021, I held my first book, 'Anmol Zindagi', in my hands for the first time. I cherish this wonderful experience every time I have my book in my hands. That feeling is like holding a child in your arms right after its birth. A book is a life you give birth to as a writer.


So as an Author of the Anmol Zindagi book, I want my readers/friends to experience the same feeling of holding life in the form of my book in their hands as well. Not just this, through my book, I want to make people deeply realise how Anmol (precious) Zindagi (life) indeed is.

The Annual Ritual of Ronak Sawant's Book(s) or Annual Book Ritual

As a special occasion to celebrate the First Anniversary of my debut book Anmol Zindagi, I am starting something special called Annual Book Ritual.

So, What exactly is Annual Book Ritual?

The Annual Book Ritual is the annual celebration of Books by Ronak Sawant. It is the Annual Ritual of Ronak Sawant's Book(s), i.e., the Books written by Ronak Sawant, in which the readers can get the Author Signed Copies of my book on Sale (at a Low Price) along with the Free Complimentary Item(s) related to the book.


*The Annual Book Ritual offer is only available in India.

What is the Official Date of the Annual Book Ritual Celebration?

Well, there's no one specific date for this celebration. Yes, you read that right. The Annual Book Ritual will be celebrated annually for every book as part of the anniversary of its release date for the whole month. Wait, don't get confused. Let me explain it to you in a simple method by giving a real example.


For example, Anmol Zindagi, my first book's official release date is 15 August 2021. So the Annual Book Ritual will be celebrated for the Anmol Zindagi book for the whole of August every year. It is similar to birthdays, just a different birthday for each book (as per its release date) and a birthday celebration not just for a day but an entire month. So simple, special and unique ritual and celebration, right?

Annual Book Ritual of Anmol Zindagi Book

Annual Book Ritual of Anmol Zindagi by Ronak Sawant

Since today is 01 August 2022, this day marks the book ritual month of Anmol Zindagi, and on 15 August 2022, it is the First Anniversary of the Anmol Zindagi book. So here I announce the start of the Annual Book Ritual with my first-ever book, Anmol Zindagi.

Get Anmol Zindagi at 20% OFF

As part of the celebration of the first-ever Book Ritual, I am presenting the Author Signed Copy of my book Anmol Zindagi at a super 20% Discount Offer (at ₹200 only) along with the Free Complimentary Item related to the book, i.e., an Eco-Friendly Bookmark.


The Book Ritual for Anmol Zindagi is being celebrated for the whole of August month only. If you want to get my book Anmol Zindagi with this super Book Ritual offer, then you can Email me (Visit the Contact page for Email) or DM me on Social Media with the Subject line: "Buy Anmol Zindagi Book with Annual Book Ritual Offer".


Post the August month, this offer will not be valid, but you can still get my book without the discount, i.e., at the Original MRP of ₹250.

About Anmol Zindagi

Anmol Zindagi, my book will help you understand life deeply. Also, it will encourage and inspire you to live this beautiful life to the fullest. You can read and use this book as a guide or a companion, or both, who will always be with you to help you find yourself and motivate you to set out on living your journey and make the most of this precious gift known as life.


To know more about my book, visit this page on my blog/website.


If you, too, consider life as a precious gift, have a passion for living and want to explore life before it ends, and also, if this book sounds like your favourite food, then don't delay! Order your copy of my book "Anmol Zindagi" today!


Note: There will be another Special Announcement on the special occasion of the celebration of the First Anniversary of Anmol Zindagi on 15 August 2022. So stay tuned for that. Thank you.


With love & gratitude, as always,

Yours Truly,

Ronak Sawant


* * *



15 August 2022: Special Announcement

As a special occasion & celebration of the First Anniversary of the Anmol Zindagi book, Ronak Sawant proudly and happily presents the Ebook version of Anmol Zindagi.

Anmol Zindagi Ebook by Ronak Sawant

Anmol Zindagi is available now as an Ebook on all leading book stores on the internet: Google Play Books, Apple Books, Amazon Kindle Store and Kobo.

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